Vacation and concerts ahead.

Now there's only 19 schooldays left to vacation, and i'm still counting down, can't waait!!! 

Now a days i'm thinking of going to some concerts, i really want to go to the Lindsay sterling concert,

Within temptation and Avenged Sevenfold concerts in oslo this summer.
- Are you going to anyone of them?

This   wednesday  Hangover part 3 is coming to the cinemas, i would love to watch this. 
- Have you seen the trailer?




I'm woring on my skull makeup, this was a fast one. 

- what do u think? 


Summer time

Been to the cinema lately, it's really a lot of good movies coming out . 
I've watched Warm bodies, which is a zombie movie. I LOVED it!
And at friday i watched dark skies, which is a alien movie. This movie is made by the poeple who made paranormal acticity.
I Really recommend yah all to watch them both. and i'm looking forward to watch the new hangover which comes in may. Looks really funny! xD


1- Have you whatched them, in case what do you think of them? 
2. Are you looking forward to some movies this year?


Drawing Again<3

I've started to try to draw as much i can lately, to get done with some of my requests. 

so here's some pictures. 


On this one i was practicing writing and drawing roses, this one's for my bf ^-^

 This request i got from a friend of mine from sweeden , she's so sweet c: 


This I made for a buddy of mine, he wanted me to try to make a band logo for them, but
it's just practice.


* What do you think of the work?

* If you have requested a drawing, pleas write it in a comment below.

*  What do you think i could do to improve my working?


Todays Song:

Inna- more than friends. <3

No Metal? No piercings?

I have considered taking out all of my piercings, and need help to decide. 
What do you think is the best option and why?


What do you think?*


42 schooldays left <3

I'm gonna start my blogging here. 
And yes i'm gonna do it al in english for more people to understand.

Are you looking forward to summer vacation?
I do.

Even though i haven't gotten any plans at all, do you have any plans`? are you counting down the schooldays?

I'm starting a Qand A, question and answers round, so if you want to leav some queations below in a comment for me to answer , pleas do ^-^

Today I and My twin sister is going to start with a competition to not eat any candy but ice cream.  


Todays song: There for Tomorrow -  A little faster. 


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